Vizio P-Series Quantum Review (P659-G1)

Vizio P-Series Quantum Review (P659-G1) benefits from collision technology to offer good HDR HDR TVs with high color levels and brightness at competitive prices with other similar technology brands.


  • Improve the black level
  • Wider color gamut
  • Voice control with all important assistants


  • General view limitation of LCD
  • Need to improve the sound
  • No HDMI 2.1 port

Vizio P-Series offers Quantum P659-G1

If you are stacked Vizio of 2019 new TV side lineup, Vizio P-Series Quantum will stand next to the biggest and brightest brand 2019, the P-Series X 
While Vizio’s flagship screen is not bright or beautiful, the new P-Series Quantum has been greatly improved from last year’s model, and starting at $ 1,399 is very worth considering the $ 2,199 price Quantum is beyond reach. The P-Series quantum display shows a wider color gamut due to the integration of quantum dot technology with more black color due to increasing dimming zones and a maximum brightness of 1,100 nits of Maximum brightness. Recommended video for you …

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All said that if you want a premium 4K HDR screen this year and don’t see that you’re throwing a large sum of money, P-Series Quantum P659-G1 can be a good thing.

Design of Vizio P-Series Quantum

Quantum 2019 P-Series looks like a three-sided model, some black edges last year, with aluminum parts on the bottom, which give a clear look to the glass.  
During the TV demonstration, every TV unit was hung on the wall to watch. We could not observe the position of the left and right feet. But we consider that according to their position, there must be a very long table to accommodate this model – what we recommend you consider by buying any TV. 
Turn on the TV and you’ll find the new SmartCast 3.0 platform that provides better voice activation integration for Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Home Kit. For interacting with Siri this summer, see the upgrade to AirPlay. 2, allowing consumers to use Apple devices to streaming and be able to use with Vizio smartphones in 2016  
Vizio continues to prioritize free apps on its main screen. Introducing the “WatchFree” service powered by PlutoTV. There will be other free services available to watch experts such as CNN and Comedy Central, which will offer different content from Cable service  
The home UI also includes support for the most popular streaming sites such as: Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu for immediate use and can still use YouTube even though Vizio’s offer on its first page. Will remain narrow with the built-in Chromecast and AirPlay2 will come soon. You will be able to see what you like with a little more work  

It is a television with LCD-LED UHD panel that will implement quantum dot technology to improve the color volume and a lighting system by zones or local full array dimming (FALD) with 192 different zones with which to achieve better contrast and depth of dark tones.

It is the most advanced model of the brand to date and will be prepared for HDR10 and Dolby Vision content with some brightness peaks around 2,000 nits similar to the top of the range of other brands such as Samsung.

They have also incorporated a scaling engine called Spatial Scaling Engine to improve performance with non-4K content and a 240 Hz refresh system to artificially improve the image movement sensation. As for the operating system, it will implement the SmartCast of the brand and will have Chromecast integrated as standard, being also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant .


Performance of Vizio P-Series Quantum 

 In terms of HDR support, the P-Series Quantum this year includes HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG to improve images with quantum dots, full backlighting, and up to 200 dimmable zones on the P659. -G1 size 65 inches in deep black level  
The number of local dimming zones is doubled from the 2018 P-Series and the maximum brightness has increased to 1,100 nits, which shows us the very bright picture quality in our demonstrations, especially when comparing side to side with M-. Series 
Clear Action 960 is used to ensure that the content that is being processed quickly will receive an effective 240Hz refresh rate. All models come with components, Ethernet, USB (1) and HDMI (5) inputs, allowing direct connection to 4K or Blu-ray games easily, including ATSC with your tuner.

Final words of of Vizio P-Series Quantum

Quantum P-Series is a great choice if you are the person who follows the TV that focuses on acting at an above average level. Quantum dot color combination; Doubling the dimming area and higher peak brightness makes Vizio’s price well known in the competition. 

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