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Google Home and Google Assistant new Features Update

Google confirms that third parties can listen to audio snippets collected by Google Home and Google Assistant  Some of the conversations we have with Google Assistant or Google Home devices can be heard by Google employees or subcontracted from the company . 0.2% of them according to Google. As part of the improvement and training of their voice recognition service, audio fragments […]

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Review

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Review: Tablet and smart screen with Alexa: A moment, but is that a tablet is not already a smart screen? It might seem so, but there is a key difference, smart screens are fixed, while a tablet works and moves wherever you go. They are, for example, the Amazon Echo Show or the Google Home […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2019 Review

Wireless headphones have become very fashionable after the release of AirPods. The Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019) are the proposal of the South Korean company, which offers an alternative headphones with case charging for a price set at 149 euros. We have tested them. Since Apple launched the AirPods back in 2016  – and we are already on AirPods 2 -, rare […]

HiRise Wireless Analysis Review

HiRise Wireless Analysis: TwelveSouth offers us an elegant and practical charging base at the same time.. Twelve South today announced its latest HiRise accessory, called “HiRise Wireless,” and is now available for purchase on the Twelve South website. The new accessory is a multi-purpose wireless charging stand with two different positions: you can charge your iPhone […]

5 Top websites to store your content free and online

When we are going to send files over the Internet, we usually use the platform that we have at hand. If we have a Google account and prefer free storage, the most convenient is to use the free storage offered by the company in Google Drive, which with 15 GB is the most important. However, there are limits in terms […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is trying to push the Android tablet to the next level with 2-in-1 desktop software, and while it’s something we want to see from the iPad, even the concept doesn’t make it. The best tablet automatically It’s too expensive. The touch screen doesn’t respond in Dex mode and the app isn’t […]

LG 49WL95C Professional Monitor Review

How to configure a monitor to get the most out of it? Preparing it for maximum performance is not difficult, but it has something of craftsmanship. Test, calibrate and retest. First of all you have to be clear about some values. For example: the amount of light in the room where we are working. Does it vary frequently or […]

Vizio P-Series Quantum Review (P659-G1)

Vizio P-Series Quantum Review (P659-G1) benefits from collision technology to offer good HDR HDR TVs with high color levels and brightness at competitive prices with other similar technology brands. For. Improve the black level Wider color gamut Voice control with all important assistants resist General view limitation of LCD Need to improve the sound No […]