On-Page SEO Techniques for better ranking in Google


What is On-Page SEO Techniques for better ranking in Google here is the top 10 On page seo guide.

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is known as practice of optimizing of single webpage or webpages to rank higher in search engines for the purpose of earn organic traffic. On-page includes both HTML info-graphics, content of an article for optimization in google.

Here is top 10 Methods you can improve your on-page search engine optimization skills.

On-Page SEO Techniques for better ranking in Google. Seoservicepk.com SEO by Akbar

Step 1: Keyword Research to rank article.

Keyword research is one of the most important part in on-page seo technique keyword research means to check how many searches available on a specific keyword and how many competitors are working on the keyword you want to target in your website. In keyword research you will find how many searches on this keyword and if you work on this keyword how many organic searches you will also receive after ranking in first page.
Keyword research is must be your first step to optimize your article for a specific keyword in on-page seo technique. Without proper keyword research, you cannot rank any article also without a keyword research. There is a lot of technical factors you have to examine while doing keyword research. In this article, I will not teach you what is keyword research but you will find keyword research tutorial here: How to find best keyword for your website.Here is the example of a keyword how many people searching this keyword in all over the world with difficulty. Difficulty means similarly how much this keyword will be difficult to rank.

Step 2: Start Title with keywords you want to target.

As you also all knows that no any article will rank in search engine without targeting a keyword. Keyword targeting is the main part of on-page seo. Now the question is where to enter keyword in title, it is batter to start your title with target keyword. For example lets see my article keyword which I target in my website. “change blogger blog template”Here i target a keyword in my SEO title as you see in the image above, also more important thing is do not write long titles for your post try to write concise title for your blog post recommended length of a title is 60 characters.

Step 3: Add keywords in description and url of post.

As you all knows that on-page Seo is only the game of keywords if you really want to write a seo friendly article which encourage users also search engines to crawl your site you need to focus on these two things you should need to enter your target keyword in the description and url of your post as it is showing in the image.Where to add keyword in the description try to add in the beginning of the paragraph and it is batter to use same keyword in the url and description as same showing in the image above this is the best keyword strategy to target a keyword in article.

Step 4: Use keyword in Headings and Tags.

Use also keywords in your heading and tags is the best keywords strategy now the question is how to add keywords in headings here is the example I am sharing with you. Like I want to target “On-page” now we have 4 heading tags to write article,
Step 1: Heading 1 (H1) On-page SEO.
Step 2: Heading 2 (H2) What is On-page SEO.
Step 3: Heading 3 (H3) How to use On-page SEO in article.
NOTE: do not use Heading 1 (H1) tag too many times in article only add subheading after Main heading.
This is the best method to target a keyword in the whole article as i am showing in the image under.
After to target this keyword in title and description ans url and article of the post we need to create a tags for this target keyword “ON-PAGE, ON-PAGE SEO”.

Step 5: Use ALT tag in images with target keywords.

What is alt text in on-page seo? first of all you need to know what is Alt tag? and alt text (alternative text) so alt tags is known as the “alt attributes”, and Alt descriptions which is use as “alt tags,” which is use to describe the image appearance in google image search.
Alt tags is necessary for google search images because google can not scan images for search content, in this purpose we use alt tags and alt description if you missed alt tags and description its means you missed 50% of traffic from google search images. here is the example of how to add ALT tag in image.
first of all add keyword in title than add keywords in alt tag and than descriptions.


Step 6: Use Internal Links with keywords:


so What is internal linking? Internal links is same as hyperlinks which point to the website of you are using and link to your existing articles in shape of source. In simple words, internal links is very important as point of on-page seo internal links is the same links from same domain which point to other article to increase page views of your website. Internal links is known as anchor text and use to target a keyword on specific domain, the example of internal links as under.
Example of Anchor text:
<a href=”http://www.freelancingskill.com/seo-guide” title=”Keyword Text”>learn SEO</a>  Use also only relevant keywords in the anchor text which give proper sense of the topic to source page which you are trying to target. There must me at-least 2 internal links in your article its not means that you fill your article with full of internal links only use relevant links in your article.

Step 7: Use External Links:

External Links is same as the internal links these are also the same hyperlinks which point at the referring domain or you can say that the source of the content you want to put into your article is known as external link.
Example of Anchor text:
<a href=”http://www.facebook.com/freelancingskill” title=”Keyword Text”>Source Page</a> It is batter to use these links with keywords or you can use as the website name and link that article in the content. There must me at-least 2 internal links in your article its not means that you fill your article with full of internal links only use relevant links in your article.

Step 8: Check your target Keyword density

first of all you need to know what keyword density is. Keyword density means the percentage (%) of time a specific keyword is use in article or target phrase use in a article divided by the total number of words in the article. You should keep keywords density in mind while doing on-page seo of any article.Keyword density formula:Percentage of number of target keyword use in article divided by total number of words in that page. Its mean if you write article of 100 words and your targeted keyword is use 10 times in the article, your keyword density will be 10%. According to Seo Yoast keyword density of the target keyword will not be exceeds from 2.5 % in the article. Here is the example of keyword density of my article.

Step 9: increase Load time of your article:

Google has recently start record the website page loading speed to provide fast research to the user that’s why google prefer those websites which have quick load time that’s why so I add increase loading time in the on-page seo tutorial and that’s why landing pages speed optimization is much important.
You can increase your website speed by using CDN, or you can compress images you have in the article, or you can use fast hosting because you have to increase your website speed.
The recommended time of website loading is 4 seconds make sure your website will load in 4 seconds or less. Most of websites have too much load time that’s why the missed ranking which they deserve finally you can see in image as under. Step 10: Use Infographics image and videos:
If you want your user take interest in your articles you should need to add relevant images and videos as tutorial or add videos or images to convey your message. Info-graphics is the best option to convey your message to your users try to add infographics and images and videos in your blog post add alt tag and descriptions due to this for your image optimization its much important for on-page seo optimization.

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