What are header tags and how to use them?

When starting to blog, many people do not know how to get their articles to rank high on search engines. Of course, there are many factors that determine SEO rankings . However, the first and most basic thing that must be kept in mind, are the header tags – also known as heading tags. So what is it? How to use it? This article will help you get into the details.

What are header tags and how to use them

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What are Header Tags?

Header Tags are used to mark the main and secondary headings in an article, by sorting by importance from H1 to H6, with H1 being the article title. Thereby help readers quick grasp  content to  deployed and find information quickly.

The type of tags in the HTML header tags

  • H1 : The title of the article, will focus on the keyword, “big idea” of the whole article. And especially, it must be attractive and attract the attention of the reader.
  • H2= : This is a secondary header tag, which helps to classify the main ideas of article. It is necessary to use keywords related to H1 to help readers easily identify the information they want to read.
  • H3 : Smaller heading tags help clarify the thesis of H2.
  • H4-H6 : The secondary ideas are developed in descending order.

As you can see, the numbers will represent the content hierarchy between the header tags, with H1 being the largest content, and descending from H2.

Here is an example of this hierarchical structure in the implementation of the post layout:

The structure of implementing the tags . headers

Which header tags are the most important?

H1 is the first and most important header tag in the layout structure of a post, also known as the title of the post.

Don’t create a fancy title that doesn’t cover the content of your article. Think of H1 like the title of a book, it’s always on the front cover of all the content.

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H1 as a title in a post

The title can also be displayed in the web page’s source code as follows:

Header tags show up in the web's source code as follows
Source code for headings in HTML

How many header tags are supported by HTML?

Header tags HTML supports up to 6 heading tags (H1-H6) for writers to use.

Header tags should stick to the topic you’re writing about, as it’s a tool that helps readers and search engines find the main points of your post’s content. In particular, the broken header tags must be correctly arranged and visually different. Not only will your article look professional, but your audience will also absorb the information in a more effective way.

Relationship between header tags and SEO

There are many people who think that header tags are not necessary in the grand scheme of a website’s structure. However, in practice, it will help readers pay attention to the most important content and decide whether to stay on your page or not.

Google selects content to serve its customers by collecting data from web pages. This requires it to analyze the text, images, and other elements it finds to see if the content is appropriate.

When you put text in header tags, you are telling Google that this is important content, and that Google will use this text to identify the page. This provides results relevant to the searcher’s query.

That’s why when using header tags make sure they match the keyword content. If the H1 tag has no keywords or you put irrelevant text in the H2, H3 tags, etc., Google will not appreciate your page and that article will not rank high on the top search either.

You also don’t have to come up with the keywords yourself because in fact, there are many tools to help you with that like Semrush or Ahrefs . Just make sure your keywords are user-friendly and Google’s search bots.

The use of header tags also helps the article to be divided into information and users will be easier to find what they need.

So take a look at your article, see if you have broken down the content in the most understandable way?

How to add title tag in HTML

Adding header tags in HTML is quite simple, if you want to add H1 tags, you can do the following:

For example if your H1 is “Fastest way to top Google”

How to add Header tags in HTML
How to add H1 tag in HTML

Same with the rest of the cards.

Next  you want to create a post for your site, consider whether adding header tag SEO & what your readers are looking for. This can help increase accessibility and help your website take the leap in search engine rankings.


Above is the information that you should know about header tags, and how to use them to increase article rankings on search engines. If you want to refer to a lot of useful articles to develop your site, visit Top On Seek nhé

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