Information Launches Schema Testing Tool

Just a few months after Google said it would stop using its structured data testing tool. has released the Schema mark up testing tool . What is the truth about this? What is the difference between Google tools and Find the answer together through the article!

Information Launches Schema Testing Tool

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Why has Google stopped using its structured data testing tool?

Google initially launched the structured data testing tool in 2015. Then, in 2017, Google released the Rich results tool . At the same time, Google also said that it will stop using its structured data testing tool. After receiving backlash from the SEO community, Google decided to keep the tool. Also, move it from Google properties to

What is the difference between Google and

Google’s Rich Results Checker is designed to show users only structured data schemas supported by Google. However, the Schema mark testing tool on is more of a “general purpose”. Moreover, it helps you to debug more structured data types. In addition to the types supported by Google, there are countless other data types.

Rich results tool – Rich results tool

Launched in 2017, the rich results checker is available on Google’s own website. It is designed and maintained with the aim of showing you the same rich result types as Google Search has supported.

Rich results tool has optimal benefits over Structured data testing tool

Google further adds, “To test the markup for the rich results types of Google Search , you can continue to use the Rich results test tool.”

Structured data testing tool

To better support open standards and the development experience, we will refocus on the Structured data testing tool and migrate it to a new service domain, Google said. community by April 2021”.

This means that Google will move the Structure data testing tool out of Google’s own domain and move to

Structured data testing tool moved to domain as Schema . testing tool

To avoid controversy in the SEO community, Google further explained: “The main purpose of the Schema testing tool will be to check the syntax and compliance with the standards on” However, the structured data testing tool will no longer check rich result types in Google search.

New Schema checker tool – New Schema markup validator tool

Schema markup validator tool is a structured data markup tool. It helps search engines and evaluate websites more accurately.

Close-up of Schema testing tool homepage

In addition, it is provided to the project as a Google-hosted tool.

The Schema testing tool is expected to stimulate collaboration between tool makers. The first is to improve consistency. The second is to enhance the developer experience for all who work on systems that use data.

Schema testing tool helps search engines and evaluate websites more accurately

Why should we care about the change in testing tools? 

As originally mentioned, the data structure testing tool is not going away. Google will keep both tools to serve two different purposes.

This will give you more new testing tools. To serve you the following purposes: to diversify your tool belt, to support your site and to debug problems on your site.

Through this article, Seo Service PK has helped you have a better view of the Schema testing tool. corresponding to these are the issues around why it was born. You can also read more articles here !

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