Content Marketing Strategy Development Trends in 2021

Content Marketing strategy is very important in the field of SEO . In 2021, the face of Content Marketing is changing faster than ever. A. This in strong changing habits of users worldwide, and now large-scale small also forced to adapt.


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Digital is currently a hot spot in the field of Marketing and there is fierce contention. The most important thing in good marketing right now is to understand current trends and identify areas where you can capitalize on improvement. With a survey of over 1,500 marketers from different countries and an analysis of more than 17,000 content marketing positions on the largest recruitment sites. Based on the comparison of the 2019 survey with the current one, Toponseek will introduce you to the outstanding trends of Content Marketing.

Building Content Marketing Strategies and Their Effectiveness

1. Effectiveness of Content Marketing Strategy Implementation

Implementing a content marketing strategy is crucial in today’s digital age. They allow organizations to build relationships in the community, generate leads, and most importantly increase sales. But how many businesses are implementing a content marketing strategy? And how can they measure performance accurately?

Businesses implementing content marketing strategies
Businesses implementing content marketing strategies
Evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing
Evaluate the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy in this image.
Effective content marketing strategy 2019 compared to 2020
Effective content marketing strategy 2019 compared to 2020
Content Evaluation Marketing Strategy
Content Evaluation Marketing Strategy

2. How to measure the success of businesses

Both B2B (Business and Enterprise) and B2C (Business and Customer) Marketers are taking the initiative, the number of respondents who have come up with a strategy is increasing. Most are successful, with over 70% believing current content marketing efforts are more successful than they were years ago.

However, organizations are also dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 situation. According to the Content Marketing Institute 94% of Content Digital Marketers have changed their content marketing strategy in 2021 as direct result of the COVID pandemic. They improved their messaging approach and adjusted their editorial calendar accordingly. These may be necessary responses in the short term. CMI believes that organizations will need to continue to research and understand the changing needs of internet users when developing long-term content marketing strategies.

To develop your own content marketing strategy, check out these in-depth industry guides.

Identify goals and challenges when building a Content Marketing strategy

Before analyzing performance metrics and tactics, it’s important to first understand exactly what goals businesses are trying to achieve. From their content marketing strategies, find out the challenges and obstacles.

Content Marketing Strategy Objectives
Content Marketing strategic goals for companies
Content Marketing Strategy Challenge
Content Marketing Strategy Challenge

1. Goals

In general, corporate agencies are still pursuing the same goal of attracting high-quality leads and top traffic .

To achieve these goals, businesses are creating content for the top of the marketing funnel (ToFu). According to research by Semrush , the ‘how-to’ guide is the most effective, infographics and tests also prove the value of the strategy. These pieces of content allow for the development of relationships with potential customers because they generate buzz, but more importantly, because they are relevant.

2. Challenges

There are many ways that content marketers drive traffic such as through direct traffic, referral traffic by targeting organic search queries. Organic traffic is especially valuable and cost-effective, as it delivers lasting results and mostly content posted is evergreen, meaning that once it posted, it will continue to attract the new visitors & create value.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies

With the goals and challenges discussed, content marketers may be interested in the process and approach that is more likely to help them achieve success. So why are marketers still working for organizations in the past year?

The most effective Content Marketing strategy
The most effective Content Marketing strategy. From the survey, organizations are continuing to use the same content marketing strategies and metrics as last year, which suggests that they are generating some success.

1. Search Engine Optimization

This is a highly effective tactic, for the same reasons discussed in the previous section. To discover how to create SEO-friendly content, you can check out our guide to ensuring content creation provides lasting value.

2. Locate and update content

By repositioning and updating content, organizations can more effectively invest their resources and target a variety of platforms and audiences. This approach allows companies to tailor their keyword strategies to stay relevant.

3. Use the “How-to” Guide

The use of “how-to” instructions has also evolved, which, due to their versatility, can be used in both the ToFu and (MoFu) phases. Address audience needs and tap into broader user trends (prefer educational content over traditional advertising). Therefore, it is a highly effective way for a content marketing strategy to attract and nurture leads, as well as attract organic traffic.

Measure success by ROI (ratio of return)

Organizations have adopted a number of metrics to measure, the table below showing their success.

Companies measure the success of content
Measure Content Marketing ROI

These metrics correlate with the goals discuss in the previous section, with organic, SEO-driven traffic being more important to organizations than page views. .

One thing to keep in mind is that ROI (ratio of return) is getting heavier, which means organizations want to see their content investments translate directly into revenue. In recent years, this has been a notoriously difficult metric to measure, but it is an important step for businesses looking to get the most out of their marketing budget and ensure that they are creating end-to-end channels. same (BoFu) convert content.

The benefits of long-term budget spending and the profits of Content Marketing

Cost of Content Marketing.
Content Marketing budget is expected to change.

The biggest change is in budget expectations, with businesses spending more on their content marketing due to increased industry competition. Second reason is, businesses are realizing the benefits & effectiveness of paying for the long term compared to paid advertising. This is evidenced by a 2019 survey by Databox, which showed that 70% of companies generate more revenue through SEO than through PPC.

Need to find experts to build Content Marketing strategy 

As the importance of content marketing has grown, businesses have realized the need for a dedicated team of professionals with experience in the field. But how is a team of experts on content marketing strategy enough? And what kind of SEO areas are in demand the most?

Content marketing team
Content Marketing Experts

With businesses competing more fiercely than ever to be shown in search engine results, it’s no surprise that the demand for high-quality content writers and experts on SEO strategy continues. get a raise.

Demand for content marketing managers and heads has also increased, indicating that businesses are looking for professionals who can create and maintain content marketing strategies, as well as demonstrate leadership skills. core.

Software to support Content Marketing

For businesses to get the best results from their content marketing strategies, it is necessary to use supporting tools and software. But what are the popular support tools being used by content marketers?

Companies using Content Marketing tools

Analytics and SEO tools are increasingly used by marketers. The adoption of support tools also shows that they are focusing more on the quality and consistency of content.

Define format and improve content strategy

There are many forms of content such as text, images, and videos that companies can leverage to achieve their goals. But to deliver that content, it depends on where your target audience is likely to be found.

The form of Content Marketing produced
Content distribution where?
The most popular social network for content distribution

1. Blog posts

With an emphasis on companies offering organic search results, blog posts are still the most popular form of generated content. However, this type of content doesn’t just attract traffic; It can also push users further down in content marketing, which aligns with the lead generation goals of most companies.

2. Ebooks

Lead nurturing throughout explains why email marketing continues to thrive, as does the increase production of Ebooks and White Papers. In particular, Ebooks are a great way to nurture leads, allow organizations to demonstrate authority, build their email lists, and even directly generate revenue.

3. Videos

Video has the ability to attract potential customers very well, in recent years video seems to become a “hot” trend and is share widely on the media. Video is also a way to retain customers longer and get 40 times more shares than other forms of content, they require investment in other formats.

Hire a service to build a Content Marketing strategy

While this is a divisive topic, outsourcing can be a great way to achieve your content marketing strategic goals. But how common is this practice? And which areas are outsourced the most?

Content Marketing Outsourcing Organizations
Services that are often outsourced

However, there is still a huge increase in demand for content writer services, matching the demand for blog posts, ebooks, case studies, and other content formats. At the same time, more and more content professionals are providing remote services, giving businesses more quality options.

The most effective Content Marketing distribution channel

Content has many different uses in different stages of the marketing funnel. For example, at the top of the funnel (ToFu), a lead is in the discovery phase and is primarily looking for information. This means that customers reach for blog posts, infographics, or social media posts. But as search demand deepens, customers need to dig deeper into content across platforms like eBooks, whitepapers, and in-depth specs.

Stages in the marketing funnel

It can be seen that more than two-thirds of companies are prioritizing ToFu content creation. This correlates with other elements of the digital marketing survey showing that high attracting traffic which generating quality leads and customers are the only key goals for most content marketing teams.

In another recent study, 86% of Marketers create MoFu content, while 76% produce BoFu content.

1. Focus on the best performing channels

The most important part of a content marketing strategy is creating content for all stages of the content marketing funnel, as this is what helps convert (and retain) potential customers. While ToFu content can be the focal point, that doesn’t mean you can skip the other stages.

One of the ways to retain potential customers to make your content marketing strategy more effective, is to learn the channels the target audience is targeting, spend a lot of time searching, and create a specific strategy. able to reach them. Focus resources on the channel that can effectively distribute content, in addition, try approaching other distribution channels to find potential customers.

2. Narrow your audience

Content marketing or content marketing does not mean that reaching as many audiences will be highly effective. You should envision a specific and potential customer group and set clear outreach goals, focusing on an appropriate audience will increase conversion rates.

Content Marketing Strategy Content Control

how to create best Content Marketing Strategy seoservicepk seo service by akbar ali

When implementing a content marketing strategy, testing is a very important step, this is also a way to measure the value of content content.

Check Content Review

As we can see, more than a third of respondents are checking their existing content regularly, although 14% consider the process a low priority – or completely unnecessary.

In most cases, this approach is not recommended. By examining content at reasonable intervals, companies can discover content that is ripe for repositioning, potentially saving time and money. It can also give marketers the opportunity to understand why certain content isn’t working, align their content with sales and content marketing strategies, and identify opportunities to content optimization.

The most essential skill for a Content Marketer

We’ve seen that content marketing teams are growing, and organizations are using their skills to approach lead generation, build content marketing strategies and be more competitive in this increasingly dense field. .

To achieve the goal, it is important to equip a team with good skills. This article analyzes the skills that content marketers most desire to possess, not only in terms of technical ability but also in terms of personality and personality. We analyzed the employer’s requirements based on the mentions in the job offer. The percentage shows the requirements that mention a specific skill out of the total number of skills of the content marketing job.

1. Hard skills

Top Content Marketing Hard Skills

In 2019, the term “marketing” was widely used, and most employers narrowed their requirements, requiring more specific skills.

Proficient knowledge of SEO is the most essential of the marketing expertise, an increase in demand that matches the organic search target. Experienced professionals and email marketing skills also increased significantly.

Building a marketing strategy is also an important skill, and more and more marketers are creating and applying content marketing strategies. In addition, there are many difficult skills require for a professional marketer, to become good marketers and build good content marketing strategies need to be proficient in editing, analysis, SEO and technical SEO.

2. Soft skills

Top Content Marketing Soft Skills

One of the key soft skills of a marketer is leadership, which is the top soft skill that organizations are looking for in newcomers to the field. This correlates with an increase in management and heads of content marketing positions that were highlight in the survey.

Another key factor is the ability to meet deadlines, and the ability to solve and fix problems now takes precedence over the ability to create written communications. This shows that content marketing professionals are expected to serve more.

Content Marketing strategy building trends and ways to improve

With the feedback gathered, what are the immediate and long-term trends in content marketing? And more importantly, how to apply the skills to improve your own content marketing strategy.

Conclusion of the survey

1. Content marketing strategies are getting more and more effective

Although only 11% of companies rate their strategic performance as “excellent”, more than half of the companies are confident that their approach works well. Additionally, over 70% of surveyed organizations believe their content results in 2020 are more successful than the year before. Meanwhile, only 8% of companies believe their efforts have fallen behind.

2. Marketing generates ROI (ratio of return)

Not only driving traffic and leads, marketing also generates ROI (ratio of return). Organic traffic and sessions/pageviews remain the most common metrics for measuring success for most companies. But profit margins are becoming increasingly important as businesses seek direct financial returns from a content marketing strategy. Meanwhile, other traditional SEO metrics like backlinks, session length, and bounce rate remain variable.

3. Content marketing teams are often small

Typically, the majority of marketing teams contain a content writer, SEO expert, and content strategist.

4. Companies like to have an internal team

The demand for outsourced content marketing by surveyed organizations dropped by 10% in 2020, indicating that businesses increasingly prefer to create their own content. Outsourced professions are mostly creatives – writers, designers, and video animators are often the areas that are most needed.

5. Businesses are increasing their budgets for content marketing 

To achieve their content marketing goals, organizations are ramping up spending and are expect to continue to do so in 2021. According to one report, 47% of respondents currently spend more than $10k on content marketing. annual content marketing, more than in 2019 with only 38%.

6. Team marketing uses more technology than before

Content teams are increasingly adopting more technology and software in their approach, with a significant increase in the use of analytics software, scheduling and management systems, and automation tools. In addition, due to the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, group collaboration software is also more widely adopt because they are convenient and reduce the most risks.

7. Blog posts are still the most popular form of content

Blog posts continue to thrive, reflecting the purpose of most organizations to generate leads and attract organic traffic. That said, emails, ebooks, and whitepapers are still popular, too, more especially on the sales funnel.

Survey method

1. Survey of Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations

To get the best overview possible, we asked over 1,500 marketing organizations, B2B and B2C companies , nonprofits, and other organizations to share with us the role content plays. marketing – and the content marketing strategies in their operations.

Job title and survey country
Company type, size and industry

The survey was expand further, starting in 2019, to compile more detail data and reflect various developments and trends in the industry. And in some cases, the results of the survey cannot directly compare the results due to some additional questions.

2. Survey of necessary skills on recruitment websites

To identify the skills most needed for content marketing, Semrush Academy analyzed more than 17,000 content marketing positions across the three largest active job posting sites (Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn) in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.


As surveys and analytics are explore further in 2021 and beyond, we hope that the insights and trends uncovered in this research can enable you to improve your strategic effectiveness. your content marketing strategy. The continue effects of the pandemic suggest that the industry will only become more competitive when they actually show signs of abating. So do your research and identify areas where you need to improve or simply better understand your competitors’ behavior.

You can check out the State of Content Marketing 2020 report, which includes extensive research into the various Twitter trends and Google search queries that are dominating the industry.

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