7 Schema Checker tools that best support Website SEO

What is Schema Checker ? Currently, adding Data structure (Schema) is becoming one of the very good methods in SEO. Because it allows search engines to understand your website content more effectively.


If you’ve implemented Schema markup , you’re halfway there. The next important step is to check your data. The following Schema Checker tools will help you get the most out of them

Schema Checker support for Website SEO

Creating and managing structured data can be difficult and time-consuming. Google always wants to also provide the best results for users. So if the website is well optimized Schema . The results on the search page ( SERPs ) you will be more popular and more impressions.

Table of contents

  • 1. Schema App
  • 2. Schema Checker – Merkle
  • 3. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
  • 4. Hall Analystis – Schema Checker
  • 5. RankRanger . Structured Data Tool
  • 6. Plugins – Chrome Schema
  • 7. Google’s Rich Results Tool – Schema Checker

1. Schema App


This is the most comprehensive tool available.

Schema App is the necessary Schema Checker tool suitable when you want to execute, check, manage and update changes in structured data.

They have great information that helps identify schema.org types   and data connections, common types, and properties. One of the good things about Schema App is that there is a way to define structured data using Wiki.

For example: If you want to optimize the products on the Build-A-Bear site, you can type [build-a-bear] and they will automatically find the Wiki entry to identify your structured data; In this case, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Build-A-Bear_Workshop.

Another great feature is the Schema App the most comprehensive tool for searching all types of structured data. This application has suggested fields and requires you to have display properties to be able to retrieve the desired results.

Schema App

2. Schema Checker – Merkle

When you need to quickly create a basic structured data like organizations or FAQs , Merkle tool will be very suitable for this job. You can quickly find basic structured data types and create schemas for events, practices, or job postings, and more.

Then you can test it, duplicate it and add it to your site.

The only limitation of this tool is that it only lists basic structural types. Without any comprehensive structured data, glossary, etc.

Schema Checker – Merkle

To better support open standards &  development experience, we shall refocus on  Structured data testing tool & migrate its a new service domain, Google said. Schema.org community by April 2021”.

3. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured Data Tool is the best tool to examine structured data and see what warnings and errors search engines have for your code.

SEO professionals love this tool. As it allows you to check the syntax by entering the URL or by copying and pasting your code there. And make sure it validates against Schema.org standards.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

4. Hall Analystis – Schema Checker

Like the Merkle tool, Hall Analysis can also quickly generate structured data. But limited to local businesses, events, organizations, individuals, websites, products.

Not only that, you need to test to make sure it works. By copying and pasting the code into Google’s structured data tool.

Hall Analysis

5. RankRanger . Structured Data Tool

RankRanger provides a variety of structured data to examine, including special COVID-19 announcements. It also allows you to test, copy, reset, validate your structured data.

RankRanger – Schema Checker

6. Plugins – Chrome Schema

This is a must if you want to see if structured data is appearing on the page as you browse different websites for testing, research, etc.

From the plugin, you can check in Google, copy the data in the table, see if there are any errors or warnings, and much more.

Plugin – Schema of Chrome

7. Google’s Rich Results Tool – Schema Checker

Google upgraded the Google Rich Result Test tool to support all the same rich results features as Google Search. Single search is possible by entering URL or code.

Google has also shown why you should use:

  • Fully compatible, corresponding to Search Console reports .
  • Render (render) a result on both desktop and mobile platforms. It will then tell you if your site is eligible for rich results.
  • Handle complex schema markup more efficiently.
  • Figure out which advanced search features are valid for the markup you provide.

Pro Tip: The biggest difference between Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool & Google Rich Result Test is that  latter can test approved structured data classes, which will direct affect the performance. appearance of search results .

Google’s Rich Results Tool – Schema Checker

The above are tools that help a lot in Schema Checker. These tools will be very helpful in helping Google better understand your website.

Thanks to structured data ( Data Structure ), your website will stand out in the SERPs more.

Promote business results through increasing searchability, search optimization, etc. Professional SEO services will support you. Do not hesitate to contact us today to receive the most dedicated advice.


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