What is Google Reviews? Google announces new algorithm update

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What is Google Reviews?

There are many popular review sites on Google that we often confuse it with the Google review interface . Google’s review websites are exclusive because they are integrated directly into the search engine and business applications and tools.

What is Google Reviews?

Google Review Search algorithm update highlights 

The new Search algorithm update that Google announced is called a product review update. This update is better designed for product reviews on Google review. 

“The new Google review allows for sharing of in-depth research, rather than content that just summarizes a range of products.” – a user spoke with Search Engine Land.  

According to Google, reviews that are “first with deep analysis and research are rewarded by Google, especially content written by experts or those with knowledge of the topic.”

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Update Google Product Review

The purpose of  Google review update is to promote review content that goes beyond & beyond the sample information commonly found on the website. Google says it will promote these types of product reviews in search engine results rankings ( serp results pages ).

Low-quality product reviews that summarize a wide range of products will not have a specific penalty from Google. However, your site’s ranking on the search page will be significantly changed. The main reason is that the quality of the reviews of other websites is better, so it is highly appreciated and prioritized by google. This is supposed to be an indirect penalty that google gives to the makers.

Technically, Google thinks this is not a penalty for review content, but rather a preference for sites with deeper review content and deserving of a higher search page ranking.

In the simplest terms, the update of google review only affects product review content, not other types of content.

Google review is not a core update

This is a standalone update that Google calls a product review update, not a core update. This is quite separate from Google’s regular core updates. However, Google has also provided specific advice and guidance for core updates “on producing quality content.”


Tips on updating Google Reviews. 

The focus of this update is to provide users with insightful analytical content written by experts or knowledgeable people.

Google suggests additional helpful questions to consider about your product review including areas that help your giveaway’s site rank effectively. 

List of questions about product reviews

  • Judging by product expertise. 
  • Review actual product experience or usage with unique and new content, different from the information provided by the manufacturer.
  • What makes a product different from competitors?
  • Recommend products or compare to choose the best product based on a certain use or situation?
  • Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of a product, based on research on that product?
  • Compare the difference of the new product compared to the previous version to show the improvement, give advice to users. Help users rely on reviews on Google review to buy.
  • Identify the key determinants for the product portfolio and how does the product perform in those areas? 
  • Review of product design and their impact on users beyond the information the manufacturer provides?
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Why does Google care about product review content?

Google says the Google review update is now live for English-language reviews globally.

If your website offer product review, you will want to check your ranking to see if you’ve been impacted. And is your organic traffic on Google improving, decreasing, or staying the same?

In the long run, you put more detail and effort into your Google review content to make it unique and stand out from your competitors on the web.

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