20 Beautiful Free Landing Page Templates

Landing pages are considered a conversion tool with the highest average rate of 23%, turning your website visitors into leads.

A strong landing page will be designed with a single focus or goal of “Call to action”. Landing pages provide visitors with information to lead and persuade them to take a specific conversion action such as signing up, experiencing a product or making a purchase.

While landing pages play an important role in lead generation, they don’t have to be complicated. The longer the landing page, the harder it is to keep potential customers. Creating a landing page that is short and easy to understand will increase the likelihood that customers will love it.

However, not everyone can design a template that is both aesthetically pleasing and goal-appropriate. Try using the free pre-designed landing page templates. This can be the most effective way to create a professional looking page and saves the most time.

Check out 20 beautiful free landing page templates below to get the right choice for your business.

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20 Beautiful Free Landing Page Templates

#20 Beautiful Free Landing Page Templates From Hubspot

1. Squarespace’s free landing page – Royce

Royce is a sleek landing page template for announcing and booking an event. Royce highlights include a large background image, no navigation bar, headlines, and a “RSVP” call to action button.

Squarespace's free landing page - Royce

On this landing page, visitors have two ways to fill out the booking form:

  • Click the “RSVP” button for the registration form to appear
  • Scroll down the screen there will be a static registration form.
RSVP form appears

2. Hubspot Exclusive Free Template – Architecture

Architecture is used to attract blog subscribers. With the attractive image above, users can see what to expect if they sign up. The default module for the previous content is directly below.

You can be edited according to your branding and included with drag and drop functionality.

Hubspot Exclusive Free Template - Architecture

3. HubSpot – Invest . Template

Invest includes a photo, customizable text, no navigation (to keep visitors focused on your information) and a short registration form.

Scrolling down, users can add outstanding company information or other incentives.

HubSpot's Free Invest Landing Page Template

4. HubSpot’s Free Landing Page – Hubstrap

Unlike the free landing page templates above, Hubstrap has a simple, navigational interface that leaves more room for text. This can be a good template if your offer has few accompanying images. You can personalize the design and add drag and drop sections to the page.

HubSpot's Free Landing Page - Hubstrap

5. Hubspot Exclusive Template -Vibrant

Assuming you don’t want the registration form at the top of the page, this is the right landing page. Vibrant is a simple, modern template that can customize your product details. Pairing each piece of information with a compelling image helps create user engagement.

Hubspot exclusive model -Vibrant

6. HubSpot’s Free Landing Page – Landing Form

Free Landing page Landing form with headline, text, call to action buttons, and signup form that stands out on a dark background. No navigation bar and there is a button at the top of the page.

As you scroll down, there’s room for you to add images and details related to the product or offer.

HubSpot's free landing page - Landing Form

7. HubSpot’s free landing page – Gradient

A beautifully designed gradient for a content offer (blog, book, document, video, …). The template has a simple layout with form, headline, description text, photo, and logo. Like other HubSpot templates, users are free to customize the photo, background background, gradient color, and description text.

8. Wix -University’s Free Landing Page

University is a landing page template with a suitable layout to help you attract students for upcoming educational events or courses. Above the fold, you can see a very detailed headline, illustration, and registration form. Below are additional information and images.

University is a landing page template with the right layout to help you attract students


9. Wix’s free landing page – Skyline

Skyline is useful for individuals or companies that haven’t launched a website or product yet but want to increase awareness. Viewers can understand that your product is coming soon. The template allows you to edit the background video image according to your preferences.

Above the fold, there is a giant “Coming Soon” header area that stands out. As you scroll down, you can add a short description of the company or the registration form.

Free Wix Landing Page Template - Skyline

10. Hubspot Exclusive Model -Bold

With large headlines, short subtitles, and above-the-fold conversion factors, Bold is the ideal template for eBooks, newsletters, and even tools.

Bold is the ideal template for eBooks, newsletters and even tools

11. Wix Free Landing Page – Online Store Coming Soon

If you are looking for a free landing page for your company, Online Store Coming Soon is a pretty affordable option. You can easily use it for online product marketing purposes or promotions…with surprising effectiveness.

This template is very simple. The text is very little, the image layout is the main one. The email box and call to action button are pre-designed in the layout. You can link your social media accounts with the icons below.

Wix Free Landing Page Template - Online Store Coming Soon

12. Wax Free Landing Page – Lead-Gen Landing Page

Landing page for B2B products , it allows users to edit text and images through Wix. Users can also add background video. The page is designed to be long, with a form and a “call to action” button above the fold. Below is more information about the company.

Landing page for B2B products

13. WordPress.org Free Landing Pages – Fagri

Free Landing Page Fagri is widely used in the industry for different purposes. In WordPress, any theme has a predefined default Widget. Users can optionally add or remove Widgets depending on the intended use of each person.

The layout design of this template draws attention to the text, call to action button, and contact form.

Free WordPress.org landing page template - Fagri

14. Hotspot Exclusive Model – Rally

This template is perfect for an e-book business. By using this free Landing page template, you can authorize “Download” resources by filling out the form. Thereby attracting potential customers for people to download.

Rally set up a three-column format at the top to help landing page visitors fill out the offer while seeing the specifics of the benefits they received.

15. Wax Free Landing Page – Real Estate

This is one of the free landing pages with a beautiful interface. When you scroll down the page, the background image remains static. Users can edit many things from content to images.

Landing page for two industries Law and Construction

With the current page design, there’s room to add company information below. There is also a form at the bottom giving visitors another chance to convert.

16. WordPress.org Template – Construction and Lawyer Landing Pages

If you are looking for a Landing page for two industries of Law and Construction , this is the right choice. You can also be customized to fit other brands and industries.

Both have a header image, overlay text, and an arrow that points to a properly sized form above the fold. They provide visitors with free information.

17. Hub spot Exclusive Model -Nightfall

Layout, text content and images can be flexibly customize long or short. Nightfall is one of the great free landing pages that the real estate industry chooses. Plenty of space to provide information before presenting the conversion factor.

Nightfall is one of the great free landing pages that the real estate industry has

18. Mail Chimp’s free landing page – Gardenhouse

Free MailChimp landing page template - Gardenhouse

Garden house does not have a navigation bar, which helps visitors focus on the offer information. At the bottom of the page, you can further customize your logo or other company information.

This free landing page is optimize for mobile devices. It also automatically adjusts the layout to different screen sizes.

19. Mail Chimp’s free landing page – Bandmates

A simple landing page template with a blue background highlighting information and a call to action button. You can also customize the colours to match your brand.

No navigation, prominent logo, text description and above-the-fold registration form. Below, you can add product images or other forms to make the landing page look more attractive.

Free MailChimp landing page template - Bandmates

20. Bounce’s Free Landing Page – O-Book

This template is suitable for generating leads for books. O-Books are often use by companies that have already gained revenue from a previous landing page. They continue to use the landing page giving customers a 14-day free trial.

The template has a clean layout with room for images, titles, description text, and form boxes. Above the root there are buttons associate with social networks.

Unbounce's free landing page template - O-Book


Above are the top 20 beautiful landing page templates. Take a look and choose the model you like. A good landing page will help you get more customers, so why not take the time to find out.

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